Tuition and Fees

Annoor Academy's tuition is kept as low as possible and the remaining cost of running the school is secured through donations, fundraising, pledges, and other projects.

New Students

Early Bird Enrollment before April 1st: $200.00 
After April 1, 2017: $250.00 

Returning Students:

Early Bird Enrollment before March 2, 2018: $75.00
After March 2, 2018: $150.00 


3 years old by august 1st 
 100% Bathroom Trained
Full Day: 7:30-3:35PM $5,750.00

PreK 4 - 9th Grade
(4 yrs old by August 1st ) 

School Administration Hours 7:30am - 3:45pm (Monday-Thursday)  Friday Hours 7:30-1:00pm
Classes in Session 7:55am - 3:35pm
Tardy 7:51am and Pickup Late fee applies after 3:50pm     


  • $575.00/month for 10 payments ages 4year olds through 2nd grade.  Total tuition for one academic year $5,750.00
  • $625.00/Month for 10 payments grades 3rd thoguh12th grade. Total Tuition for one academic year is $6,250.00.
  • $40.00 One time Fee ages Kindergarten to 2nd grade for Standarized Testing.
  • $30.00 One time Fee ages 3rd grade to 12th grade Standarized Testing.
  • $65 for School Events
  • $350.00 Book OR Center Fee
  • $20.00 late pickup fee for first 15 minutes after 3:46pm per student.
  • Friday Dismissal is at 2:00PM after salah Al-Juma'a from Masjed Annoor. It is mandatory for Students grades 1-12th to go. Friday Early Dismissal for Prek2 1/2-K Students at 12:30PM from school grounds.

TUITION DISCOUNT APPLIED FOR SIBLINGS (please see registration application for more details)

**Please note:  The above posted tuition fees HELP support the following yet do not cover the school budget:

  1. Books, computers, furniture, etc.
  2. School staff salaries
  3. Building insurance
  4. Classroom budget for teachers' aids, library books, audio visual programs
  5. Maintenance of the new school building
  6. Utility bills
  7. Janitorial services

Monthly school tuition payments due dates are:

  • Pymt 1-  Aug   
  • Pymt 2 - Sept 5th
  • Pymt 3 -  Oct  1st
  • Pymt 4 -  Nov 1st
  • Pymt 5-  Dec 1st
  • Pymt 6-  Jan  1st
  • Pymt 7 -   Feb 1st
  • Pymt 8 -   Mar 1st
  • Pymt 9 -   Apr 1st
  • Pymt 10 -   May 1st
  •  Once a student has registered the parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for the payment of any assessed fees.  A statement of tuition, student fees and other balances owing must be paid on regular basis; however, payment is due regardless of whether or not a statement has been received.

Failure to make payment by the stated deadline will result in the withholding of future services by the school and in some cases may result in the termination of student status.

Withholding of future services means that students will not receive transcripts and they may not be eligible for re-registration until all overdue accounts have been cleared with the school.  The school services may also be withheld for overdue amounts and may reult of not transferring transcripts to other schools.  Non-payment of tuition and fees does not constitute an official withdrawal from the school.