About Us


Annoor Academy of Fort Smith is a full-time private school established for the sake of Allah (SWT). Our MISSION is to provide an Islamic educational environment. This educational choice strives to provide the highest academic standards in all subjects, with a special focus on the Qur'an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Annoor Academy's mission is to graduate a generation of Muslims who: 

  • -Have a solid understanding of Tawheed (oneness of the Creator), 
  • -Have a strong Islamic moral character, 
  • -Have leadership skills and Taqwa (piety), 
  • -Have a strong sense of responsibility and realize that Islam is a way of life, 
  • -Interact with community and global issues with an Islamic frame of mind, and 
  • -Are academically equipped to succeed and excel in an increasingly competitive and challenging world.



  •     -Affordable Fee Structure 
  •     -Candidacy of Accreditation 
  •    - High Quality Education 
  •     -Constant Academic and Instruction Improvements 
  •     -Strong Islamic Studies, Quran & Arabic -Language Program 
  •     -Strong Early Childhood Program (Pre-K 4 years) 
  •     -Safe Islamic Environment 
  •     -Highly Qualified and Dedicated Staff 
  •     -Focus on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills 
  •     -Computer Technology Curriculum as per State Guidelines 
  •     -Core Subjects and Second Languages per Arkansas Education Frame Works  
  •     -Last but not least... Adherence to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah