Twelve Major Commendations by Arkansas Nonpublic School Accreditation Association

Annoor Academy of Fort Smith is recognized for twelve Major Commendations by the Arkansas Nonpublic School Accreditation Association (ANSAA) which evaluated the school for accreditation from 10/23/2016 through 10/25/2016 for:


  1. Living out its Islamic mission by incorporating Arabic language studies and immersion, daily commitment to prayer, cultural dress, and full school attendance at the Friday Prayer at Masjid Annoor (ANSAA Standard I).
  2. Employing faculty and staff who live by the mission and philosophy even beyond the boundaries of the school and Masjid Annoor (ANSAA Standard I).
  3. Creating an environment where students exhibit a positive attitude, school spirit, and demonstrate respect for themselves and others (ANSAA Standard II).
  4. Having the vision and courage to create an Islamic environment dedicated to high academic standards and committing to its continued success (ANSAA Standard III).
  5. Creating a school culture with a family atmosphere where teachers nurture and mentor their students both spiritually and academically, thereby creating positive relationships and rapport (ANSAA Standard IV).
  6. Cultivating a staff with a strong team spirit that is collaborative, flexible, accepting, and unified in their efforts to achieve academic excellence (ANSAA Standard IV).
  7. Fulfilling the requests of educators to provide a variety of age appropriate resources that enhance the curriculum and assist in instruction (ANSAA Standard V).
  8. Designating and designing a centrally located space for the library that is aesthetically pleasing, warm, and welcoming (ANSAA Standard VII).
  9. Providing a variety of extra-curricular activities for all grade levels that includes Spelling and Geography Bee, Multi Culture Day, Math and Science Quiz Bowl, Koran Contest, Track and Field Day, Islamic Knowledge Bowl, Science Fair, Student Council and Soccer (ANSAA Standard VIII).
  10. Assuring students well-being and Safety by providing security measures that include a full-time security guard, surveillance system, tinted windows, and a restricted main entrance (ANSAA Standard IX).
  11. Empowering the PTA to develop a three-tiered fundraising programs that involves students, parents, and the local community resulting in an annual income of over $200,000 to support the needs of the school and general operating expenses (ANSAA Standard XI).
  12. Ensuring that the quality and quantity of school technology meets the needs of the students and staff and is integrated within instructional practices and classroom activities (ANSAA Standard XII).


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